CJ2 PLC: High performances modular controller

Due to his high flexibility in configuration CJ2 is the ideal solution to be used in a wide range of machines in various application ranges from Packaging, Food and commodities to Digital and Automotive. Connectivity with most of the industrial communication networks in the market is a key factor to use CJ2 controller in all applications that need a data exchange between machines. Scalability between CJ2M and CJ2H CPU’s enables an exact match between functions required and HW to use to always provide a perfect ratio Price/Performance in each application. Robustness of the solution and proven quality complete the value of those products.

Always accessible through standard USB support
Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
High program capacity from 5K steps up to 400K steps
Higher precision for machine operation and processing quality
Immediate refreshing of basic I/O ensures real-time processing
High data memory capacity of up to 832K words
Serial option board
Dedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules


CP2 Series Compact Controller

The Micro PLC designed for compact Equipment which can support data collection and Machine 2 Machine communication. A powerful and effective solution for stand-alone machines produced in series where Price/Performance ratio is a key. CP2E series controller offers an efficient solution for a flexible production where traceability and machine key assets monitoring can be used to get operational excellence.

Reduced wiring cost and improved communication performances those values are available thanks to built-in 2-ports Ethernet Switch and dedicated Function Blocks. You can save cost of additional hardware and simplify Ethernet connectivity with a daisy chain Ethernet wiring for Machine 2 Machine communication.
Data collection, Control and Monitoring of serial devices is easy: up to 3 serial ports are available.
Improve design efficiency and productivity reducing development time with a modular conception of the machine. CP2E includes 4-axis positioning functions with linear interpolation and Omron Libraries for positioning, Machine 2 Machine communication and predictive maintenance.
Install and forget. Omron CP2E can supply a reliable solution for all environmental conditions: extended operational temperature range, Battery free operation, Input/output terminal LED indicators for quick troubleshooting, Automatic Recovery by electric interferences.
Complete your configuration with NB HMI for a perfect match.”


CP1L Best in class compact machine controller

When it comes to controllers for compact machines, our CP1L series offers the compactness of a micro-PLC with the capabilities of a modular PLC. It provides all the functionality you need to control your machine, including outstanding positioning capability. On top of this some CP1L models have an embedded Ethernet port with socket services functionality to give you flexible connectivity for monitoring, operating, logging and remote access. The CP1L is completed with a range of optional boards for serial communication or analogue I/O and further expansion units in case more I/O is needed. As the CP1L series shares the same architecture as the CP1H, CJ1, and CS1 series, programs are compatible for memory allocations and instructions.”


CP1E  – The economic machine controller

Our CP1E series offers all functionality you need to control relatively simple applications, including outstanding positioning capability.

Lineup including CPU Units with built-in three ports: USB, RS-232C, RS-485.
The depth of CPU Units with RS-232C connectors is reduced by 20 mm. (N30/40/60S(1))
Easy connection with computers using commercially available USB cables.
With E30/40/60(S), N30/40/60(S@) or NA20 CPU Units, Add I/O, Analog I/O or Temperature Inputs by Connecting”


CP1H Fastest compact machine controller

Designed for compact machines, it combines the size of a micro PLC and the power of a modular PLC. Four built-in high-speed counters and four pulse outputs are ideal for multi-axis positioning control. The CP1H-XA comes with 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs built-in. This makes it suitable for simple loop control, using the PLC’s advanced PID control function with auto-tuning. The CP1H can be expanded with CP1W I/Os and supports up to 2 CJ1 special I/O units. This means that it is open to popular fieldbuses and supports all communication units of the CJ1 series.

Up to 1 MHz for inputs/outputs
CJ1M compatible instruction set and execution speed
4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs for the XA model
USB port for easy communication, programming and configuration
Supports PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CAN and Ethernet


CS1D – The dual-redundant PLC system for never-fail control

CS1D adds a number of dual-redundancy options to the well-proven CS1 architecture to ensure around-the-clock operation without minimal downtime. Duplex CPUs, with or without loop control functions, are continuously cross-checked for errors, without the need for special programs to be written by the user. An even simpler way to increase system availability is to use dual power supply units. Hot swapping of CPUs, power supplies and I/O units allow system maintenance with little or no process interruption.

Choose the level of redundancy needed; CPU, power supply, communication
No special programming or software tools required
Hot-swapping of I/O units
All standard CS1 I/O units can be mounted
Ideal for control of power generators, water supply utilities, 24/7 production