Graphic Operator Terminals

Your window to better production control

Vewing your production output has never looked better.

The Mitsubishi Electric Graphic Operation Terminal GOT2000 series continues to impress with solutions that fulfill all demands.  The GOT2000 boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.

The high quality display is designed to optimize operator control and monitoring of device and line statuses.  If you are looking for intuitive operation terminal, the new tablet-like operability and the higher functionality of operation terminal makes the GOT2000 the ideal choice.

The GOT2000 inherits all the features of our popular GOT1000 series, and introduces a more refined and advanced function set.  The powerful and flexible lineup includes GOTs with various features and communication options to tackle any application you may encounter.

Designed to meet your industrial automation needs.

Advanced Functionality

Mitsubishi Electric has raised the bar for HMIs with the GOT2000 series, designed to optimize operator control and monitoring of device and line status.  With vastly increased performance, advanced functions, seamless connectivity to other automation devices and highly intuitive, tablet-like operation and the highest quality graphics, the GOT2000 series provides a range of models and sizes to meet the needs of the broadest spread of applications.

Seamless Gateway to Many Devices

The GOT2000 offers seamless connectivity to Mitsubishi Electric automation devices such as PLCs, variable speed drives, servo drives and robots, simplifying automation system setup.  Inbuilt Ethernet communications means users can operate the GOT2000 remotely from a PC (VNC Server) or even from a tablet or portable terminal.  An MES interface option enables the GOT2000 to transmit data collected from PLCs and other automation devices directly to higher level system databases, eliminating the need for gateway PCs or complex programming.


  • Benchmark performance:- new high speed processors deliver responsive HMI operation even during high-load activities such as logging, script, alarm or device data transmission.
  • Increased memory size:- with memory four times greater than the models they replace, GOT2000 HMIs enable flexible screen design without any concerns regarding data capacity.
  • Multi-touch/gestures:- GOT2000 series HMIs deliver tablet-like usability with the introduction of multi-touch and gestures, even when wearing gloves.  Screen gestures enable users to easily enlarge screens for better visualization and easy operation of small switches.
  • Beautiful graphics:- GOT2000 HMIs provide 65536 colours, and support a wide range of image formats for clear screens with well defined objects that are crisp even when enlarged or reduced.  The HMI also supports a library of outline fonts in different sizes.
  • Advanced communication:- all GOT2000 HMIs provide Ethernet, RS232 and RS422/485 communications.  SD card and front and rear USB ports deliver increased flexibility.  Options include wireless LAN interface for communication with PCs and tablets, enabling users to download/upload screen data and use the FA Transport function.
  • Easy screen design:- the new GOT2000 screens are fully compatible with GTWorks3 software for screen design, with features such as the ability to use templates and sample projects to greatly reduce the number of steps in the screen creation process.
  • Backwards compatibility:- providing an advanced solution for today’s monitoring and visualization requirements, the GOT2000 HMIs provide significant improvements on the GOT1000 models that they repace, while ensuring backwards compatibility – panel sizes remain identical whilst existing projects can be easility ported to the new HMIs.
  • Horizontal integration:- the superior integration capabilities of Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products is demonstrated by functions such as parameter and program backup/restore for PLCs, inverters and servo drives.

Reliable and Economical

Ultra slim mounting as well as optional screen orientation make Mitsubishi Electric HMIs simple and economical to add to almost any system.  Conformance to shipping approvals and standards are a clear demonstration of Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to quality.

Incorporate the GOT2000 to bring forth flexibility, productivity and quality on a global scale.





The GOT Simple series offers many advanced features for small budget.
User memory capacity: 9MB
USB device port included.



Advanced model with multi-touch gesture functions
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 57 MB *1
->Memory for operation (RAM): 128 MB *2
USB host and USB device ports are included.
*1 32 MB for GT2705
*2 80 MB for GT2705


High performance, cost efficient, mid-range model
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 32 MB
->Memory for operation (RAM): 80 MB
USB host and USB device ports are included.
GT25 Open Frame HMI

GT25 Open Frame HMI


A new style of GOT2000
Includes various functions ideal for the pharmaceutical and food industries
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 32 MB
->Memory for operation (RAM): 80 MB
USB host and USB device ports are included.
GT25 Wide HMI

GT25 Wide HMI


Various interfaces are equipped in a compact body
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 32 MB
->Memory for operation (RAM): 128 MB
USB host and USB device ports are included.


Unchallenged cost performance
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 9 MB
->Memory for operation (RAM): 9 MB
USB host and USB device ports are included.


Compact models with basic functions
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 9 MB *1
USB device port is included.
*1 3 MB for GT2103


GT21 Wide HMI

GT21 Wide HMI

Wide screen model with basic functions and high resolution LCD
User memory capacity
->Memory for storage (ROM): 15 MB
USB device port is included.3


Peripheral Equipment

Peripheral Equipment

This section introduces communication units, optional units, options, and cables required to use the GOT2000 series



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