Oct 12, 2019 | Mitsubishi, PLC

Mitsubishi Q Series PLC


Current production requirements are calling for an increase in productivity and carrying out production processes even faster due to an increase in production information such as production results and traceability. The MELSEC-Q Series programmable controller “Universal model QnU” is a leader for these market needs. High-speed basic instruction processing on a micro scale dramatically increases your system and machine performance.
Inheriting the high robust and ease of use design of the Q Series, the MELSEC QnU programmable controller will open up new possibilities in automation solutions.

Network Configuration

Enhanced information communication by networking is the essential requirement in the automation industry. The MELSEC-Q Series provides an open and seamless network environment integrating the following different level of automation networks: CC-Link IE; high-speed and large capacity Ethernet-based integrated open network that connects shop floor and IT system as the core of e-F@ctory, CC-Link; SEMI certified global standard network originating from Japan and Asia, CC-Link/LT; wire-saving sensor level network inherited CC-Link design concept, and AnyWire; sensor level distributed control network.

Seamless Configuration

Seamless data communication through Ethernet, CC-Link IE, and CC-Link allow easy access to information, no matter where it resides on the network. Through this technology, it is possible to “drill down” from the Enterprise or IT layer through multiple networks accessing programming controllers using GX Works2 programming or other related software.
In addition, many devices supporting SLMP*1 such as vision sensors and RFID controllers may be connected to the CC-Link IE.

Analog I/O module

  • A wide range of application specific intelligent modules
  • A range of analog modules ideal for process control applications.
  • Isolated analog modules suitable for process control
  • Channel isolated high resolution analog-digital converter moduleQ64AD-GH
  • Channel isolated high resolution analog-digital converter module (with signal conditioning function)Q62AD-DGH
  • Channel isolated high resolution digital-analog converter moduleQ62DA-FG
  • Channel isolated analog-digital converter moduleQ68AD-G
  • Channel isolated analog-digital converter module (with signal conditioning function)Q66AD-DG
  • Channel isolated digital-analog converter moduleQ66DA-G

The channel isolated analog modules are specifically designed for process control applications by offering high accuracy conversion combined with high isolation voltage. Flow meters, pressure gauges, etc. can be directly connected to the analog input, and control valves to the analog output. Hardware and installation costs can be substantially reduced because external isolation amplifiers are not required.
When used with a general purpose controller, a low cost process control solution can be created.