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atvise Modern, pure web, SCADA Technology

atvise® HMI & SCADA visualisation software is based on pure web technology and uses open interface standards such as OPC UA, HTML5 and SVG vector graphics. Atvise allows information to be accessed from most modern web browsers on PC, Mac, Mobile, or Smartphone devices and without any additional plugins.

Unlike traditional HMI, SCADA systems which were not built to run over the internet, atvise® was developed with the internet in mind allowing you to take full advantage of pure, open web technologies.

The atvise® license model allows concurrent web users to access HMI and Information content without the need to license every individual user or computer.


  • Pure Web – all you will ever need to successfully run atvise is a web browser
  • Absolutely no plug-ins required – never have to download ActiveX, Java, Silverlight or any other additional programmes
  • OPC-UA compliant – easy process connectivity
  • SVG vector graphics – ensure high quality of display across devices
  • Object Orientated Environment – easily-link up objects with your PLC
    Scalable – 50 to 100,000 Concurrent Data Points (CCD)
  • Unlimited Tags – collect as many tags as you need
  • Quick Dynamics, Simple Dynamics – powerful pre-configured dynamic graphics


  • Cross-platform – can be run across any device regardless of operating system
  • Deploys in seconds – to any client screens equipped with a web browser
  • Access information – any time, any place, anywhere
  • Easy connectivity using OPC-UA – less engineering time, fewer mistakes, while in development & integration
  • Scalability – only pay for what you need
  • High-Quality Graphics loss-fee scaling for all display devices

Scalable and Flexible

atvise® SCADA is based on newest technologies and standards: The visualisation in pure web technology, as well as a consistent vertical object orientation based on OPC UA, changes the world of process management systems.

Tel: +27 (010) 003-1638