Adroitly Case Tracker

Your one-stop Workplace access & COVID-19 case management tool

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Online Workplace Access Screening


The Adroitly CaseTracker online management software easily enables
businesses to comply with access screening required by current


  • Guided fields for screening data capture
  • Data is collected /stored in accordance with the POPI Act
  • Unique case numbers for each staff member or visitor
  • Online reporting and audit on full transactional history

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Global search functionality for easy referencing.
  • Case data can be imported or exported via csv for further analysis
  • Aggregate status reports for each department/office/regional level
  • The data is readily available for regulatory reporting requirements

Regulatory Data & Other Factors

  • Entry and Exit times & dates
  • Temperature on entry and exit
  • Screening for Primary Symptoms
    Additional Symptoms
  • External factors affecting risk
  • Contact status with any person confirmed to have COVID-19
  • Current COVID test status.

Employee / Visitor personal details

  • Employees, pre-populated by Human Resources Department
  • Visitors, per instance
  • Visitor pre-registration portal
  • Each Individual has a reusable case reference number (QR Code)

COVID-19 Medical Screening

Adroitly CaseTracker detailed Medical Screening is an optional system to be used by an in-house medical department or in conjunction with a provided onsite medical sister. The Adroitly CaseTracker Medical Screening option is then able to monitor any suspected COVID-19 cases on a more in depth basis.

Covid 19 Screening 

Access Control | Health Monitoring

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Employee and Visitor Screening

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Fully compliant with the Governmental notice: COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in the Workplace COVID-19 (C19 OHS), 2020

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